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Greetings SLO County Hams

RACES is the program that links Ham Operators with County Government. This program is the offical link between ARRL and local government.

The required background check has been described as similar to the check run on school teachers and volunteers.

The advantage for you as a potential volunteer in an emergency is: If we are called up by the County all serving RACES volunteers are reported to be covered by Workman's Comp insurance thru the County.

This background check does NOT obligate you respond for any event. It only provides some acknowlegement of your interest in helping when needed.

Also, ALWAYS REMEMBER, WE DO NOT SELF DEPLOY. As we say on the Tues Night net preamble. "In the event of an Emergency check on your family first, then check in to a Resource net"

If the situation could benefit from your assistance you will be asked to respond along with details of what/where/what equipment/how long etc. You are never obligated to deploy. You are obligated to complete any assignment you accept. Completing the assignment could include reporting in that you are unable to continue. The important concept is that if we send you out you need to be accountable to us and we need to be accountable to you.

Thanks for considering the request to signup for RACES I hope you will start the process by filling out and returning the forms:

Preferred: The completed forms can be scanned and emailed to

Or: paper mailed to

Tom Tengdin WB9VXY
1355 16th St
Los Osos CA 93402-1423


Tom (T3) Tengdin