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Training is vital and necessary for successful operations during an emergency of any magnatude, whether it be a response to fire, earthquake or a problem at the Diablo power plant. On this page, available for download in pdf format are the following:

SLOECC Training Plan
SLOECC Training Module 5.4.1 - Frequencies & Response Plan, HT Programming, Go Bags
SLOECC Training Module 5.4.2 - Demonstrate familiarity with comms equipment, procedures & basic functions/capabilities
SLOECC Training Module 5.4.4 - Effective Communications
SLOECC Training Module 5.4.5 - Emergency Communication Protocols
SLOECC Training Module 5.4.6 - Routine Communication Protocols
To review the SLOECC Training Progress page, click here. Questions about the form should be directed to Dick Watts, AF6MP, at